Look What You Made Me Do Ep: 2

Me: Write a letter to Steve explaining why his dog is really bad at being a crime scene investigator.

AI: Dear Steve,

I wanted to reach out to you to discuss your dog’s performance as a crime scene investigator. While I know that you and your dog have been working hard to develop his skills in this field, I’m afraid that I have noticed some areas where your dog is falling short.

Firstly, I have noticed that your dog is not able to maintain a focus on the task at hand. He frequently becomes distracted by other scents or noises, which can hinder his ability to thoroughly search a crime scene for clues. Additionally, he has shown a lack of discipline when it comes to handling evidence, often carrying items in his mouth or leaving them in places where they could become contaminated.

I understand that these behaviors may be due to your dog’s age or lack of experience, but as a crime scene investigator, it is important that he be able to follow protocols and procedures in order to preserve the integrity of the crime scene.

I hope that this feedback is helpful, and I am happy to work with you and your dog to address these issues and improve his performance as a crime scene investigator.

[Your Name]